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SkyWire Media reserves the right to cancel services for any reason deemed as a violation of our standard policy and any reason where the account being used is in violation of MMA best practices and standards.

Account users have the right to cancel services at any time, as long as the cancellation request is made by writing and is submitted to us at least seven(7) days prior to next billing cycle to allow for discontinuation in the event the account has been set for reoccurring billing.

Refunds will only be granted in the even the cancellation is submitted as per the rules stated and the subscriber has not performed any usage against the system for the current billing month in question. If any cancellation refund is due, it will be calculated based on the billing term and/or system messaging and coupon usage. SkyWire Media reserves the right to deny any refunds when deemed necessary.

Upgrades will be regarded as the beginning of a new billing cycle where the prorated difference of the previous account will be used to offset the new balance for the new billing cycle. Proration will follow the standard billing cycle calculations and will take into consideration any message and/or coupon usage.

Downgrading of an account will calculate a credit due and apply such credit to the new billing account. No refunds should be granted based on a downgrade unless a written reason is submitted to SkyWire Media and SkyWire Media agrees that the refund is deemed necessary. All calculations when downgrading will be based on account usage. Any credit issue will be valid for at least one year from date of issuance.

SkyWire Media reserves the right to cancel, refund, upgrade or downgrade where and when is deemed necessary.

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SWM welcomes your questions or comments regarding the Policy:

SkyWire Media
3672 N Rancho Dr
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Email Address: info@skywiremedia.com
Telephone number: 866.514.5888

Effective as of January 01, 2012